I write because I like to read. I write what I like to read. I just finished two books this week, and while reading, I was also writing. Reading each night, I look at the way the writer builds his story and involves his readers. I think about that overnight and see if I can use it in some way. Mostly it doesn’t fit the way I write a story or how the story is constructed but it is good practice and almost always somewhere else or in another book there comes a time to use what I have learned. I thank everyone who took the time to write their hearts and souls into a book. It is entertainment and education in one.

I read Brad Taylor’s book “Enemy of Mine.” and Craig Johnson’s “Cold Dish.” this past week and I liked both books. Next up is Craig’s “Dry Bones.” and like Cold Dish is one of the Sherriff Longmire Series. In a week or so I hope to start on one of RicK Campbell’s submarine books.

There are lots of good reading out there, and I hope one day you all will have the opportunity to read something I have written. My friend Terri G. was one of my test readers. Escape from Playa Del Carmen is a series starter that introduces Don Sackett, Gramps on the run, trouble magnet and has all the life problems we can all relate to in our own lives. He is the nice guy caught up in extreme circumstances completely by chance. That, however, has been the story of his life.

Terry G. described her reading of the manuscript this way:

     “I wish to thank you for the privilege of reviewing your manuscript 
‘Escape From Playa Del Carmen’ I just completed my third reading
and let me say, in my opinion, you’ve got a hit. As you know, 
I’ve always been an avid reader, and my library is home to various works, 
non-fiction, and fiction alike. I am most anxious for you to get your 
manuscript published and you can bet I’ll be adding it to my collection!”

Terry was very kind, and after many more hours of editing and expanding on those characters, I believe we have an even better book. My search for the righ14137753_10208583437077964_36557605_nt agent and a publisher continues and in the meantime Book two “Getting Home.” is in editing mode and Book three “Patten for Death.” is under construction and I am excited about both books. Getting Home introduces a couple new characters and some from book one and two will have roles in Patten for Death.

I have to deal with surgery and spending time with Mom as she fights with terminal cancer, your well wishes and prayers are appreciated. I want to thank everyone who takes the time to see what I am up to and read what I put on this page.

Rick Steeby

About ricksteebyauthor

Biography • Born in Kansas to John A and Deloris M Steeby in Oswego Kansas July 9th, 1953. • Family moved to Alaska in 1954 • Started School at Chugiak Elementry School in 1959 the Year Alaska Became a state. • Attended High School at Chugiak High School and graduated in 1972 • US Army Military Police 1972-1975 Fort Ord California Basic Training • Fort Gordan GA Advanced Training Military Police Academy • Honorable Discharge October 1975 • Worked on Alyeska Pipeline construction and other construction projects in Alaska. (learned to read w/dyslexia before I knew I had dyslexia) • Worked on the side as Assistant big game guide for Don Sisson Guide Service • Bought a Piper PA 18 – 150 Super Cub and became a licensed private pilot. • Worked five years on the North Slope Oilfield as a Security Guard • Applied for and was accepted with the Anchorage Police Department Feb 1983 • Patrol Officer, Uniformed Investigator, Member Major Crime Scene Team, Detective Crimes Against Children and Detective Robbery. Left APD in good standing to move to Texas in Aug 1993 (My non-fiction writing experience) • Self-employed siding contractor and MLM business • Graduated Strayer University with a BS Degree in Computer Science at age 50. • Started contracting company NoVa Barrier Waterproofing Systems LLC founder. • I am an advanced Toastmaster and past president of the GUTS Toastmasters Club in Annandale VA. Public Speaker. Writing speeches and stories for speeches for twenty years. • Active on social media and write many short commentaries on political subjects and short stories. (Average over 100,000 words a week based on my grammar tracking software) • Author, Escape from Playa Del Carmen and Getting Home 2016, Don Sackett Novels, third Sackett Novel in the works, Paten for Death. I am looking for a good agent to get my work published.
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